Teddies of the world, unite!

This is random. The teddies spoke to me thus: I was working on a new way to treat plaster of paris with linseed oil and various additives to make it like stone, and I needed something to quickly mould – and saw we had an old chocolate mould with …teddies. Then the moulded teddies came to multiply, and there came a day when their hands linked, and they became a circle. This is photographic proof:

circle of teddies copy

Where will this all end? Ask the teddies… One thing is certain: some of them have ended up as fridge magnets, and are now hitching a ride on some whiteware around this district. Today, Maungatapere; tomorrow, Manhattan??

So, the fridge magnet idea has transmuted to packaging for my jewellery – see my latest post on silventree: http://silventree.com/2014/02/22/a-new-kind-of-packaging-reusable-as-fridge-magnets/

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