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State of the Dysunion: blogging for People of (Too) Many Parts

For good or ill, I decided a few years back to divide and conquer – to have multiple blogsites for my multiple and possibly confusing interests  and endeavours. It got out of hand, some would (indeed DO) say. I have exactly forty, according to WordPress. But this is misleading – some are registered for other people, and others I left up though they are ‘dormant’.

So, my personal ‘State of the Dysunion’ speech:

  • It was good in some ways to divide up this way rather than have one big site with lots of pages. This way, if I write a new post on a site, it can be automatically shared on FB (one FB location only – either one’s personal feed or a dedicated page which you can set up easily and for free on FB), Twitter etc., whereas if you update a page on a site it doesn’t get shared. I could have got around this by doing a quick post notifying of an addition to a page, but the prospect isn’t thrilling.
  • It was tempting to get nice short dedicated domains. At USD18 a year for dotcom and dotorg and $25 for dotco, and more for dotnz once it’s bought elsewhere and mapped onto WordPressdotcom, it was getting financially embarrassing. Fortunately, if you’re willing to suffer the indignity of the longer FREE domain YOURNAME dotWordpressdotcom, you can always retrench to free.
  • It has been difficult sometimes to know WHICH BLOG to post in! The logical problem of ‘Overlapping Categories.’ Things one writes are  almost never entirely and only about one thing, on one topic. Not if they have any generality at all.
  • The changing, retiring and new creation of blogs does give a kind of drama to new movements in one’s life and thought, and it does help one to say exactly what one wants to in a particular field without having to please a ‘general’ audience, explain or tone it down. Great too if one wants to make a ‘business’ card of any kind. A dedicated website is great.
  • There can be a feeling of being ‘spread too thin,’ like Bilbo. But this can happen however one orders one’s output. As we get onlder/poorer we have to actually limit it I guess! To the real ‘bucket List’…
  • It may be bad for following numbers, getting up to critical mass, etc, but I figure that people don’t want to follow EVERYTHING a person of many parts is up to… sigh!
  • it keeps one’s hand in for creation and maintenance of blogsites – a gentle art and quite satisfying. Though everyone seems to be on Facebook, the Blog is a more orderly place, where what you see is what you have put up, ordered your way, with pages as you want them.
  • So, the slightly uneasy dysunion goes on into 2016 – already this year I have three new sites! (mindcavern, thelogicoflove (well that’s a rename of loveqor), and thetruewest). However, I do have a meta-ordering emerging, a kind of hierarchy of my blogs. It goes like this (live links to the main active ones):
  • PHILOSOPHY: Most abstract and metaphysical: Eutopia-political: Philosophy of Process and applications: Moral/psychological:
  • ART: a portfolio and diary of my own art and some comments on art: The writing: the epic
  • ARCHITECTURE: Cabins fit for Middle Earth: Ferrocement construction, news and info:
  • CRAFTS: Unique carved-edge and embossed-cover book technologies: Previous efforts in bookbinding and ebook uploading: and Magnetic ‘eggs’ for holding jewellery etc: Jewellery by me:
  • PERSONAL, FAMILY: About our OE with brother John and partner: About our grandchildren here in Gisborne: About our flat here in Gisborne:

‘The rest is silence’…or history. I think…

Oh, and if you DO want to start a blog, go straight to for a free blog and quite a bit of online help to do it. Fear not, they have made it fairly routine! Always there’s a learning curve but it’s worth it. I think… 🙂

Blog on dudes. The world is not just Facebook. There are quieter places where YOU are in charge of what’s seen, and by whom. (There’s even a private blog option, so it can be just like your own personal diary or ‘notes to oneself’, on the Cloud, unable to be dropped in the bath or lost. Unless the Web went down… Then there’s always the plan A of the notebook diary).





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A stone by any other name would smell…

Well my niece weighed in on the great stone/poo affair and that did it! Announcing the withdrawal of the cover with the stone formerly known as Poo. I have left no stone unturned in my bid to love all and give unnecessary offence to none. 🙂 The carved side of the stone is duly presented to you now (as seen on Smashwords – it’s going up on Amazon kindle and Apple etc when they process it:

How to Love Everyone and Everything – Starting With a Stone

We assume we know what love is, and that we just ‘need more of it in the world’, but we have huge emotional and mental obstacles to actually attempting to be ‘more loving’ ourselves. Here are 7 things love ISN’T, and the one thing it IS – and it’s probably not what you think. Once we’re clear on what love is, we can be much more relaxed about practicing it in real life – starting with a stone… More
If you haven’t downloaded it already and read it and reviewed/rated it, I exhort you to now!  Here: How to Love Everyone and Everything – starting with a stone I think you  will like! It’s the most non-threatening book on love I know of 🙂


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Can we love excrement?

Oh dear!   Started the year with a well-intentioned little ebook close to my heart called ‘How to Love everyone and Everything – starting with a stone’,  (uploaded here as a free ebook: ) and the first Facebook comment I got was, ‘It looks like a turd…’ Back to earth with a thud! But the friend goes on to say ‘…Not a bad place to start though.’ And yes, I think it is… if we can reflect on what excrement is so good for – apart from keeping us alive by departing from our intestines! It turns to compost and fertilizes new life in abundance…

Here is the good author of Humanure, a book that should enthuse anyone about excrement – and horrify them about our present wasteful sewerage practices!



Ah, the circle of life! Some beauty to be found at every point, however humble… it all depends on our perspective. Thank you, life!

And now I have to quote Nietzsche on the matter:

“To the clean are all things clean”- thus say the people. I, however, say to you: To the swine all things become swinish!

Therefore preach the visionaries and bowed-heads (whose hearts are also bowed down): “The world itself is a filthy monster.”

For these are all unclean spirits; especially those, however, who have no peace or rest, unless they see the world from the backside – the afterworldly!

To those do I say it to the face, although it sound unpleasantly: the world resembles humanity, in that it has a backside – so much is true!

There is in the world much filth: so much is true! But the world itself is not therefore a filthy monster!

There is wisdom in the fact that much in the world smells badly: loathing itself creates wings, and fountain-divining powers!

In the best there is still something to loathe; and the best is still something that must be overcome!-

O my brothers, there is much wisdom in the fact that much filth is in the world!

– from Thus Spake Zarathustra,  Of Old and New Lawtables.

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How to Love Everyone and Everything – starting with a stone

Happy New Year! This was uploaded around midnight.

How to Love Everyone and Everything – starting with a stone

how to love everyone cover copy

It’s free for now – download and enjoy! Let me know what you think – review or just give it some stars on Smashwords… I’ll be putting it up on Kindle now, but their minimum price is 99c unless they decide to ‘price match.’.


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