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Wizard letting go of Eutopia – Grounded Visionaries wanted – pass it on!

Seagull Cafe

Seagull Cafe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking of doing this for years. See the new listing in Trademe for the details: This is for the land, sculptures, AND organic cafe business.

I seem to have had the ‘nudge out of the door’. I’ve realized the job of Wizard of Eutopia is a movable one: it’s my task to ground visions of Good Places, not necessarily run them or grow them. Wish I could have finished this work to the point where it was all neat and tidy and making lots of money – but then if I could have done that I would not have been the wizard. Humbling, but liberating to accept.

Please if you care for what has been grounded there in Kaiwaka and want to see the right people get it, FORWARD THIS to whomsoever you think might fit the description – grounded visionaries. Or moneyed visionaries/angel investors who are wise enough to know they need to hire some grounded people to build it…

The vision of this place is such that if someone was to buy it and cut it up and rebuild it in a city, they might do very well out of it. It is a movable feast. There is potential to build other Eutopias too. Contact me if that sounds interesting!



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Vitruvian Sheman

A possible theme for an heroic-romantic sculpture of the Balance at Eutopia? I was thinking recently about what could be an image for the Possible Human, moving beyond the magnificent but martial and solo male David by Michelangelo:

English: The original David of Michelangelo; t...

English: The original David of Michelangelo; the statue stands 5.17 meters tall. Español: El original de «El David» de Miguel Ángel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking about my ‘Live Hand in Hand’ image of the man and woman,


then of the vitruvian man,

Vitruvian Man

Vitruvian Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

also my concept drawing for the courtyard dome:

sketch for the restoration of the balance coloured NAKED PAIR15 07 09 REDUCED MORE

and wondered, could a couple be standing in a circle looking out from the prow of the Eutopian ship?

photo of eutopia bows4498956967_175a7eec2e_m

Then this evening I stumbled on this while searching the wonderful google images. It is in an article here:

“Union of Woman and Man

The geometric pattern seen below has been proposed by Wayne Herschel as having been encrypted into the monuments of many ancient civilizations as part of a decipherable code defining “who we really are and where we come from”.

As you will see exploring this website that the human genus has absolutely nothing to do with any Earth evolved hominid at all. We replaced the Neanderthal after this species once destined to inherit the Earth was lost in an Earth cataclysm 100,00 years ago but we arrived in two distinct waves (see masonic secret); the first wave appears to be small experimental colonies 100,000 years ago in rather harsh Earth environment conditions and one recent arrival on every continent 17,250 years ago just as the Earth was changing to one that was more comfortable. The end of the Ice age was sudden with a major cataclysm around 10,000 years ago which reduced humanity back to simple farmers hunters and gatherers.

Wayne believes it was our returning ancestors thousands of years later that taught the primitive ancients of our sacred past and the secret of pyramids. This unique human five sided geometry pattern is also found in the paintings of famous artists like Da Vinci and Poussin and in the talismans and depictions of secret societies.

For millennia, woman have been robbed of their status as being equal to man. For this reason the definition of the ultimate human blueprint code and the sacred geometry(seen below) will be portrayed with woman in front of man.

In the 500 year old Da Vinci rendition of the original 2000 year old lost Greek manuscript of the original human code by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, his depiction showed TWO pairs of arms and TWO pairs of legs. His masterpiece strongly suggests that two human beings were originally portrayed in the earliest source of the human code with one human in front of the other. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the original source of the human blueprint code would have portrayed creation of the human with divine proportion… but depicting also the sacred union of both woman and man.


We present in two parts Wayne’s findings on the human blueprint code. The source of the code appears to predate Vitruvius by many thousands of years.” Full article here:

I thought this is the first actually beautiful male-female composite in esoteric art. Not dissimilar to my idea, which was to have the man looking ahead while holding a star/heartstone overhead (the star in vol iv of the Apples of Aeden, of course! The Diamond World. From which the Fifth Age (in the epic) takes its name.

I had to go to youtube and listen to this, Starman by Bowie:

I will investigate the ideas from Wayne Herschel, and try drawing this concept for a sculpture, or at least a medallion…

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The Chair of the Wizard

The Chair of the Artist as a Young Man:

the chair of the artist as a young man reduced

Today I posted in to say that THIS blog (which you are reading) is where my general blogging will happen, and I got a little flurry of (mostly automated spammy) follows to – yes, wizardgifts. So if you are here, you are in the right place to follow the uncertain pilgrimage of the wizard of Eutopia. Thank you!

I have recently revised my focus onto art rather than abstract communications. This is mainly because I was starving, so to speak. No one much, it seems, has the time or head space for new ideas. They’re too busy working to pay their inflated mortgages and the latest iphone/ipad, and rushing home to go on facebook and twitter, catch up on the latest reality TV, read the latest ironic dystopian novel, and shop on Trademe or Ebay… I guess, though I don’t know many of them personally.

Enough about them. Let’s talk about me. Just joking! ‘They’ are so unused to passionate minds that they assume I’m just talking about myself when I enthuse about the things which captivate and obsess my mind, such as the vision of eutopia, and the ideals of Love Beauty Truth Freedom – and ways to express these in real 3d non-vitual, non-ironic life.

So, in this blog there will be Eutopian sculpture, romantic, heroic and unabashed. There will be carvings and paintings, and announcements of the latest ebooks if I manage to fit any of that in. And of course news about the place  which by some miracle I still own, Cafe Eutopia aka Dreamspace. There is where I hope to ‘lurk’ and sculpt, build said sculptures of ferrocement, and hopefully even have meaningful 3d talks with pilgrims to this place.

I’ve been collecting images of my artworks thus far on Pinterest, so here’s the link to that: Any of the graphics or sculptures may be for sale – I’m hoping to get that side up and running soon. Meanwhile if interested of COURSE email me and I’d be thrilled to do something for you!

I plan to make a sculpture garden/wizard world/hermit cave out the back of eutopia. I’d love it if you chose to follow this pilgrimage and adventure here! and comment from time to time, of course! or email me at wizardofeutopia at gmail.

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Find me here, find me there…

It is 2013!? Happy New Year! I continue to post mainly on but this is still my fondly imagined HQ blog…

So, follow me here, follow me there, if you see value in it!

I’ve been getting a list of email optins from the Cafe, from my little ‘notes to the Wizard’ box. I offer to answer questions, too, and some have come, from the sublime to the gastronomic… I can’t find it in me to enter all the strange email addresses again to answer them in gmail, so will have a PAQ page here that they can check for my answers (no names of course, but you know who you are, master ‘Do you eat Brussells sprouts?’ 🙂

so the page begins. see menu.

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The Wizard of Eutopia is coming

Well I apologise for the long delay. Here is the sign I’ve finally got up for the front of the STORY ARK, Kaiwaka, where I live and work.

Here it is, in case you are passing through Kaiwaka, Northland, New Zealand

It’s just across from Cafe Eutopia,

Café Eutopia

Café Eutopia (Photo credit: Albert Freeman)

where I still hope to finish the building one day. Meanwhile, I am just this wizard for hire, to earn a few shekels by being (manically) creative for you, or if you prefer as I do, helping YOU to be more creative and free than you might believe possible.

I will be using the ‘flow rainbow’ (see and the Tree of Life process diagram to elucidate the process of all creation and development, and giving you your own personal profiling so you see where you naturally ‘fit’ within the spectrum of culture – your own ‘flow zone’ where you are naturally successful. Plus there will be a menu of my book services (limited edition, POD, carved edge, etc), ebook uploading, ferrocement building and sculpting, and much more!

So click ‘follow’ this blog and watch this space!

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