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The Sword of the Fifth Element and the Long Tail

There’s a ‘long tail’ – or long tale – to the things we create, if we live (and believe) long enough and don’t forget too much but let it all simmer on a long-term ‘back burner’ – or perhaps call it an athanor, or alchemist’s oven, which would slowly heat ingredients to fuse them together.

An example from many in my life here at Dreamspace recently: the short epic love/sacred quest story set in ancient Cornwall and Aeden. I wrote this spinoff/sidetrack from the epic Apples of Aeden about a decade ago, printed and hand-bound it with embossed covers, uploaded it as an ebook, free here and gradually forgot about it as uptake was slow and feedback online almost non-existent. But brother John (of Greenstone Pictures and now flying solo at sees a beauty to it and the possibility of a short film, and has commissioned me to make a new edition of even greater ornateness as the centrepiece of the film development… complete with silver medallion of the Forging of the Sword of the Fifth Element. …which is handy because I have been getting a passable silversmithing setup going here at dreamspace gallery and workshops.

Here’s a draft of the design for the medallion. Watch this space… the book and the medallion – and the film, should we be spared – will hold much sacred magic, long incubated in the Harris brothers’ Athanor…

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Teddies of the world, unite!

This is random. The teddies spoke to me thus: I was working on a new way to treat plaster of paris with linseed oil and various additives to make it like stone, and I needed something to quickly mould – and saw we had an old chocolate mould with …teddies. Then the moulded teddies came to multiply, and there came a day when their hands linked, and they became a circle. This is photographic proof:

circle of teddies copy

Where will this all end? Ask the teddies… One thing is certain: some of them have ended up as fridge magnets, and are now hitching a ride on some whiteware around this district. Today, Maungatapere; tomorrow, Manhattan??

So, the fridge magnet idea has transmuted to packaging for my jewellery – see my latest post on silventree:

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