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Dreamspace video uploaded

The latest project, Dreamspace Gisborne. I gave a Pecha Kucha talk on Friday the 13th at the Dome theatre. It’s fun to participate in an evening where people of various walks of life share their passions, hobbies and missions…  I posted on this in www.dreamspace.nz which is where I’ll tell the story of this project as it unfolds and put up related resources.

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My Qor Philosophy

Well, the big stuff always goes to the background like mountains. We need to climb the darned things or at least one of them,  if we are ever to reach our peak…

So, I was sick yesterday and as often happens to me, I started philosophising with unusual candour. I.e., reckless abandon and self-honesty. At my core, or ‘Qor’ to use my neologism (see my game of the life process at qor.co.nz)  is the passion for clarity and nobility of mind and life. The quest for the Qor, the mainspring, the One Thing that justifies all existence for me. So, I thought about the place I had visited here in Whangarei called the Quarry. On a high ledge of the old quarry folk in former years have built shapes and walls and arches, now lying in the weeds like ancient ruins. I was inspired to resurrect this place as a place of philosophy art and and ferrocement…

My philosophy school wld be western systematic, peripatetic, i suppose – my take on it of course! Modules are probable, some have a book by me or another; some I would write the book of as I got into the teaching of it and responded to what came up:
How to reset your life. ‘Red Pill or Blue Pill?’: (see my post https://wizardofeutopia.com/2013/10/20/philosophy-is-the-red-pill/)  Philosophy as ‘zooming out’ from your life and seeing the thought systems that run it as a limited whole… taking the Red pill, and looking afresh at everything you know and believe – especially at the parts that are under greatest strain, which are causing you the greatest pain… So, existentially driven, not just dry theory.
i might provide sensory deprivation tanks for keen red-pillers… 🙂
How to be creative (and thrive in the ‘New Economy’). Applying the process diagram to the creative process, in the Web and the Workshop. Networking, crowdsourcing, co-creating, rapid prototyping, bootstrapping, googling. The concepts of qorflow.com.
Process and Reality the ‘tree of Life’ and the phases of process; chaos and complexity theory; the timeless reality of ‘wonderful absolutes’ underpinning all process. Peirce’s Three Universes (the Activerse Possiverse and Necessiverse).
Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and the Possible HumanHow to become ourselves.
The Wisdom of the (True) West – our thought heritage and why it’s worth saving. How to start a Renaissance…
Fiction and philosophy. How imagining a different life and World can change yours.
‘Love is a many-splendoured thing’. Reflections on C.S. Lewis’s The Four Loves. How to avoid the fatal misconceptions about Love and avoid a lot of pain – and maybe find ‘True Love’. How to use the Tree of Life diagram to easily love everybody, including yourself.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance –  the core concepts of Quality – Romantic/Classic/Static/Dynamic – in Robert Pirsig‘s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila. Reflections on living dynamic lives of Quality.
Does God exist? What do  or can we mean by ‘God’? What are the arguments for God’s existence? For new definitions of God?
Meditation, Mindfulness and happiness.  Using the Qor Tree of Life board to meditate in any level and aspect of life. ‘Happiness – it’s Now or never’.
Finding your Purpose in life. Discover your process profile; your unique distribution of life energies.
you name it, i could lead a philosophical inquiry into it…
I think the Quarry in Whangarei may be the place to start…. ideally in the Upper Level, if the necessary permissions were obtained:
what do you think? isnt it so… Greek? i can imagine Plato here…
Meanwhile i am slogging away trying to catch up with my life in the maddening details of where how and what…
my old problem of too much, too many…  Ah, physician, heal thyself; philosopher, simplify thyself!

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Philosophy is the Red Pill

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

poster for The Matrix

poster for The Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philosophy is the real-life non-drug equivalent of the Red Pill in the Matrix. It’s the use of the mind’s power to ‘zoom out’ from any situation or mindset and question it.

I want to help people to take the Red Pill, so they can reimagine reality and hence their life. I don’t think we can randomly ‘choose our own reality’, any more than Neo could; but we can see through the Matrix of random illusions of many kinds, and wake up to the things that are inconveniently true and some that are wonderfully and timelessly true (there are some!) and dispel the illusions that never were  true, no matter how unanimously assumed in our corner of the World.

I hope to do this Morpheus trick in Whangarei very soon. Once people have tried this ‘zooming out’ I hope to help them with a clarification of this thing we call LOVE. There are more painful illusions around love than just about any other thing in modern (Western) life. The term in English is terribly ambiguous. C.S.Lewis in ‘The Four Loves’ distinguished Affection, Friendship, Eros or romantic love, and Agape or pure benevolence. I think there is more to be said from a process point of view. Love kicks off all process; it is the stage of INPUT, openness to the other. Then it morphs into new vision, new plans, and finally new actions. Love, in my philosophy, is not outward actions first, but Appreciation and receptivity to the other. This could really open up possibilities in the pursuit of the noble virtue we call love. It could also shed light on what we sometimes call falling in love. And how what follows can be a lot less painful, a lot more lasting.

I hope to find a  good space to do this work. Watch this (virtual) space! And comment if you think my take on philosophy makes sense – does it even open up a glimpse of new possibility for a new kind of life? Conversely, do you agree with Socrates at his trial who said, ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’? I think this need not be true for those not ‘born thinkers’, if the form of life we inherit is virtuous and wise and loving, and without major contradictions and conflicts; but sadly it usually is far from being that. Hence the need for zooming out and examining it and alternative ideas and practices. Perhaps we could say, ‘In general, the unexamined life may well suck’.


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